Hey friends! 

It has been a wonderful week. Thank you, again, for all you've done to launch Colors of Goodbye with beautiful ripples. I'm feeling so grateful tonight for 55 AMAZON REVIEWS! Wow, friends, thank you so much for taking the time to post a review. It makes such a difference (at least to me as a book buyerI always check the reviews before buying). And I have been deeply moved by the immense generosity of your words. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As described when you signed up, here are the three elements of today’s newsletter:

SHARABLE EXCERPT—“Frozen Petunias" 
Attached you’ll find a printable excerpt on friendship, which I chose this week because my heart is so dang full of gratitude for friends like you after our incredible book launch. View “Frozen Petunias” here—and feel free to share with someone who is this type of friend to you.

WEEKLY THANK-YOU GIFT—“Learning to experience"
These words from Katie's senior thesis continue to move me all these years later. "I am learning never to waste pain, but to experience it fully, and my work is a reflection of that growth. This formation of thought has also inspired me to delight in things that are relatively lovely, like blushing cheeks and birthmarks. I want my work to be indicative of the beauty within struggle in a cover-your-freckles culture."  Please download and enjoy this reminder.