Meet September vaudrey

September grew up on an old dairy farm in Issaquah, Washington, and thus prefers Levi’s over Calvin Kleins. An avid gardener, she loves tomatoes fresh from the vine and carrots cool from the earth. No need to wash them—a swipe on the jeans will suffice. She cooks harvest-size meals out of habit, even though the kids are grown and gone. Also, her propensity for befriending wild animals may or may not have earned her the nickname “that raccoon lady” at her local Petco.

Her day job is writer/content developer in the pastoral response department at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL, where she teaches in workshops on parenting, grief/loss, and marital restoration. “Some of these interests are not what I ever imagined my life would be about,” she says, “but I’ve learned to mine deeper joy and richer beauty from the deep seasons of sorrow my life has brought. Today I count it a privilege to walk alongside people in their seasons of pain.” September’s book, Colors of Goodbye: A Memoir of Holding On, Letting Go, and Reclaiming Joy in the Wake of Loss (Tyndale House, 2016), details the loss of her 19-year-old daughter—and September’s journey to rebuild her life in the wake of this loss. Colors of Goodbye received a coveted Starred Review from Publishers Weekly, and was a 2017 top finalist for ECPA Biography/Memoir of the Year.

September and her husband, Scott, have been married for thirty-five years and raised five children. They have three grandchildren—and counting. They live just outside of Chicago—far too distant from those grandbabies and their parents, aunts, and uncles, who all went to college in California, and stayed!