“I want to leave ripples in the lives I leave behind,” my daughter wrote at 15. 

None of us knew at the time that Katie only had four years left to “leave ripples.” An undetected cerebral aneurysm lurked in her brain, and it ruptured as she drove to her first day of work at her summer job. She passed away at 19. And indeed the girl left ripples.

April 5, 2016 was the official launch day of Colors of Goodbye—my memoir about navigating the loss of my child, rebuilding my life in a new, Katie-less normal, and searching to discover if joy can still be had, in spite of our loss. I’ve been deeply honored and encouraged by early responses to the book—and so many of you have asked how you can help. Well, here’s your chance! 

Will you join the “Ripples Team” and help expand the ripples of Katie’s life to the lives of those who need to hear the message of hope—that their lives, like mine, can be beautiful still? 

The Ask: Sign up here and agree to receive four weekly emails from me in the next month, each with just one simple ask—and everything you need to easily spread the word about the book that week to your social media circles, spheres of influence, etc.

What’s in it for you

Three things:

  1. A weekly topical excerpt from the book that you can print or share with friends
  2. A weekly thank-you gift: an original design/quotable from the book—something you can print, share, or use as a desktop or screen saver on your computer. 
  3. Entry in four giveaways to be announced after Week Four

That’s it!  Four free gifts, four simple asks—and four special giveaways!

Are you in? I hope so! 

Let the ripples continue!